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Norton Family Services -- Privacy Notice

Effective: May 31, 2010

We take your privacy very seriously. This document is designed to help you understand what information we collect about you and your family and what we do with this information.

Condensed Privacy Notice

Who we are and where we are located

Symantec Corporation is located in the United States. We collect and store your personal information in the United States of America. The information is encrypted at all times.

What we know about you

When parents sign up for Norton Family, we ask for their name, e-mail address, and password to protect your account.

When parents set up Norton Family, we ask for some information about their children, such as name, gender, age. We also ask for some optional information, which includes the last six digits of the Social Security number or National ID number, e-mail address, phone number and school name. If Norton Family Premier parents activate Message Monitoring, we also collect the mobile phone number of their children and the mobile phone numbers of the friends with whom they exchange text (SMS) and multi-media (MMS) messages with.

When Norton Family works, it follows parents’ instructions and it collects information about what their children are doing online, for instance the websites that children visit or try to visit, the online search terms that children use, the applications they download on their Android device, the screen names that children and their friends use when chatting online, the time spent chatting online and, if the parents so wish, the text of the online conversations, how much time children spend on social networking sites and in general using the computer and online. If parents have chosen to monitor text messages with Message Monitoring, we will send a text message to the child and to the other party of the conversation notifying them that their SMS conversation is recorded and monitored and that by continuing in the conversation, each party consents to the recording and monitoring. If the child and the other party of the conversation agree to the recording and monitoring of the SMS conversation, we will record the whole conversation, the mobile number of the other party of the conversation, the address book name associated with the mobile number (if available), and the date/time stamp of the conversation. For multi-media message conversations, we will record the mobile number of the other party of the conversation, the address book name (if available) and the date/time stamp of each message exchanged. We will not record or capture any multi-media data exchanged. We will provide the same text message once a day every time the child and an authorized friend start a new conversation. If a parent chooses to block all chats or a chat with a specific friend, we will send to the child and the friend a text message to indicate that messaging is blocked and the message cannot be delivered. We do not record the text or multi-media of blocked conversations, but we log the events, including name and phone number of the parties.

What we do with the information

We use parents’ information to set up a Norton Account for them, to communicate with them, and to provide product information in accordance with the parents’ permission.

We use the information provided to us by parents about their children to prevent the information from being sent out or shared with other people. We use mobile phone numbers to provide SMS and MMS monitoring within Message Monitoring service.

We process the children’s online activity information to provide a report to their parents so that they can use it to make children respect the House Rules. Parents are encouraged to update the House Rules. If you want to know more about House Rules, click on the Dog Paw icon at the bottom of your screen at any time. The information collected through the Message Monitoring service is used to provide parents with the ability to review their children’s text conversations and to allow or block conversation with certain friends.

Do you have to give us the information?

If you do not provide the information to set up a Norton Account, you cannot activate the Norton Family service. The information asked during the set up of Norton Family is not mandatory, but we can only protect the information that you provide to us. If Norton Family is not installed, activated and running on the child’s Android device, we will not have the child’s mobile number and we cannot provide mobile-based services, such as web monitoring, message monitoring, or application monitoring.

You can ask us what we know about you

According to the laws of your country, you have the right to contact us and to ask us what we know about you or to stop using your information by sending a message to or to, or by writing to Symantec Corporation - Privacy Mailbox, 350 Ellis Street, PO Box 7011 Mountain View, CA 94043 U.S.A or calling our customer support at +1 650 527 8000

Norton Family Privacy Notice


This Privacy Notice applies to the Norton Family service, which includes this website and the related Norton Family client software, which must be installed on your computers in order to use the service.

For the privacy notice that applies to other Symantec’s public websites, please click here

Information Collection

Information about you

In order to use Norton Family you must first create a Norton Account on this web site. In order to create a Norton Account you are required to provide your name, your email address and choose a password to protect your account.

Information about your Children

In order to do its job, Norton Family must collect and analyze information about your children’s online activities.

Based on your settings, there are two types of information we collect about your children.

  • Profile Information. Initially to set up each child we ask you to provide the following information for each child: name and year of birth. We use the year of birth to help us automatically configure the product based on the age of your child. We also ask you to optionally provide the following information: the last six (6) digits of their National Identification Number (Social Security Number), phone number, email and school name. We only need this information if you wish us to protect it from being shared or misused by your children and report such incidents and misuse to you. If you activate Messaging monitoring and install Norton Family for Android onto the child’s Android device, you will be providing us with your child’s wireless phone number. We need this information to monitor text and multimedia message exchanges from and to their wireless phone and to provide the necessary notifications.

  • Activity Information. . Once your child is setup in our service, our Norton Family client software (which runs on your home computers and on the child’s Android device) will collect information about your children’s online and mobile phone activities.

    This includes information about:

    • the websites your children visit and those that we block them from visiting.
    • the online search terms your children use
    • your children’s social networking activity
    • the amount of time your children spend using the computer and online
    • the videos your children watched on if you have a Norton Family Premier subscription and Video Monitoring is activated
    • the wireless phone number and address book name (if available) of their friend, time spent exchanging text and multi-media messages, and if you so wish, the text of the SMS conversation if you have a Norton Family Premier subscription and activate Message Monitoring.
    • the applications your child installs or uninstalls on his/her Android device if you have a Norton Family Premier subscription and activate Application Monitoring.

    This information will be encrypted with the highest level of encryption and will be sent to our servers in the United States. There it is kept encrypted at all times and it is used to report to you summary information about your children’s online activities. The Norton Family client software will always announce its presence to your children, and the House Rules make it clear at all times what information about them is being collected.

    Please note that monitoring online conversations (such as instant message communications) and the use of any record of such monitoring may be restricted by local laws applicable to you. We recommend that you inquire before activating this feature.

    The collected information as set out above is necessary for the performance of the Norton Family service and/or for the purpose of optimizing the functionality of the service, and may be transferred to Symantec in the United States or other countries that may have less protective data protection laws than the region in which you are situated (including the European Union).

Information regarding installation of the Norton Family service software.

We collect information about whether installation of our software on your computer was successfully completed or not. We use this for the purpose of evaluating and improving Symantec’s product installation success rate. This information will not be correlated with any personally identifiable information.


Like most modern websites, we use cookies. A cookie is a unique text file that a Web site can send to your browser software. Cookies enable a Web site to tailor information presented to you based on your browsing preferences and activities.

We use a "session" cookie to identify a particular visit by you to our site - without this; every single page would ask you to provide your login name and password. Session cookies expire after a short time or when you close your web browser. If your browser settings do not allow cookies, you will not be able to use our website.

We may also use cookies to track your visit to our Web site. We may collect information, including your IP address, in a form that may be personally identifiable. However, this information will only be used for analytical purposes and will be limited to the minimum necessary to perform the analysis. As well, if IP address information that can be used to identify you is collected, it will be retained for the limited period of time required for analysis, and then it will be anonymized and discarded.

Web Site Traffic

Through the tracking methods discussed above, we may track domain names, IP addresses, and browser types from people who visit our site. We use this information to track aggregate traffic patterns throughout Symantec&rsqo;s Web site. Such information is not correlated with any personal information.

Information Use

Norton Family is an online service to help you monitor and supervise your children&rsqo;s online and phone activities. The personally identifiable information you choose to provide to us is used to identify you and your children to our service. Your children&rsqo;s personally identifiable information is also processed by us to help you enforce the rules about their online and phone activities that you deem appropriate. We also use such information to help detect misuse of their personally identifiable information and report such misuse to you.

We will communicate with you and your children using the email addresses you provide to us and by notices posted on our website.

We may also from time to time send you promotional information, in accordance with your permission, as required by applicable law.

Except what is necessary to report to you, the guardians of your children, we do not use your children’s information to identify them or monitor their web browsing habits. We do not monitor your web browsing habits.

While using the Norton Family service, you or your children may access web sites that have their own policies concerning the collection and use of personal information. Symantec is not responsible for the privacy practices of these third parties.

Information Sharing

We will never sell, rent, or otherwise provide your children’s personally identifiable information to any third parties for marketing purposes.

Symantec retains the services of outside contractors to provide services for us. They may be used to ship products, provide technical support, or handle order processing. We require that these contractors keep the personal information of customers secure and confidential. We also require that these contractors use personal information only on behalf of Symantec.

Please be advised that in certain instances, it may be necessary for Symantec to disclose your personal information to government officials or otherwise as required by our legal obligations.


Privacy Notice Changes

In the event there is a major change to our privacy practices, a prominent notice will be posted on our Web site. If the change involves the use of your personally identifiable information, the notice will contain instructions on how you can opt-out of such use. If you continue to use the Norton Family service after notice of changes have been sent to you or published on our site, you hereby provide your consent to the changed practices.


If you choose to use our referral service to tell a friend about the Norton Family service, we will ask you for your friend’s name and email address for the purpose of enabling a referral email to be sent to your friend. Symantec does not store your friend’s name and email address after the referral email is sent.

Communication Choices

Symantec provides a number of ways for you to choose to receive additional communications from us. We may offer you these choices at the time you give us your information. If you are on an Norton Family service web page that requires personal information to be submitted but does not offer communication choices, or would like to change your preferences for information that you have previously provided, please use one of the communication channels listed below.

Contacting Symantec; Updating, Correcting or Deleting Your Personal Information or the Personal Information of Your Children

The applicable laws of you country give you the right to contact us to update, correct and delete your personal information. You can review the personal information you provided us and make any desired changes to the information, or to the settings for your Norton Family account, at any time by logging in to your account on the Norton Family website and editing the information on your profile page or your children’s profile page(s).

If you close your Norton Family account, we will remove your name and other personally identifiable information from our database. We may retain certain data contributed by you if it may be necessary to prevent fraud or future abuse, or for legitimate business purposes, such as analysis of aggregated, non-personally-identifiable data, account recovery, or if required by law.

If you have any questions or comments concerning this Privacy Notice, or if you would like to change your communication preferences, update, review or delete the personal information we have about you or your children, or withdraw your consent for the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information or your children’s personal information, please contact us using one of the options below:

Norton Family Privacy Notice to Wireless Phone User

With Norton Family, Norton by Symantec provides a Message Monitoring service that blocks or monitors SMS and MMS messages delivered to and from your wireless phone. You are receiving this notice, because a subscriber, likely a parent or guardian, has signed up for Norton Family (NOF) and has activated a Message Monitoring service. In this notice, we describe the information that we collect about you, how we use it and disclose it.

Before starting to monitor SMS or MMS messages that you send and/or receive, we will send a SMS message to your wireless phone, alerting you that we are about to record and monitor the content of the SMS messages that you exchange. If, after receiving the SMS message, you continue exchanging SMS messages, you will be deemed to have consented to the recording and monitoring of the messaging for the purposes described in this notice. For MMS message exchanges, we will log the event but will not record the multi-media included in the MMS message. We will provide the same text message once a day every time you start a new conversation.

Information we collect

In signing up for our service, the Norton Family subscriber provided us information about you such as your wireless phone number and the user name assigned to you. The Message Monitoring service collects the phone number of friends that exchange messages with the child being monitored with Norton Family and records the text of the SMS messages exchanged. For MMS messages, Message Monitoring will record the event but not the multi-media content. The service also records the event log of blocked SMS/MMS messages.

Use of the information

We use your information to provide the subscriber of Norton Family Message Monitoring with the ability to review their childrenrsquo;s text conversations and to allow or block SMS/MMS conversations with certain friends.

Sharing your information

We do not sell, rent, lease, give away or disseminate your information to any third party, except to provide the service. The purpose of our service is to share your message information with the Norton Family subscriber. Symantec is a global organization and we may store and process your information in other countries, including countries that may have less protective data protection laws than the country in which you are located.

Security of your information

We have taken appropriate administrative, technical, physical and procedural security measures, consistent with international information practices, [including encrypting your information], to protect your personal information.

Contact us

If you have questions, please contact us at:

  • Customer Support in your country or region - by telephone, e-mail, or regular mail;
  • Through Symantec’s Privacy Program Office:
    Symantec Corporation - Privacy Program Office
    350 Ellis Street
    PO Box 7011
    Mountain View, CA 94043
    Telephone: 1 650 527 8000