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System requirements
Inviting a friend to use Norton Family
Accessing Norton Family
Inviting another parent to help manage your child’s Internet activities
Registering for Norton Family
Configure your account
Changing your password
Recovering your password
Installing Norton Family client or app
Installing Norton Family client on another device
About installing Norton Family client with other parental-control software
Find your Mac version
About Windows user accounts
Assigning a Windows user account for your child
How do my children log on?
Changing Administrator user accounts to Standard user accounts on Windows
Creating user accounts
Using a single user account for all children
Turning off Norton Family client or app
Turning on Norton Family client
Uninstalling Norton Family client or app
Changing default search provider
About Norton Family alerts
Viewing Norton Family alerts
Viewing recent alerts from the Norton Internet Security or Norton 360 Control Center
Viewing all the Web activities of your child
Viewing a summary of all Internet activities
Viewing the websites that your child has visited
Viewing messaging activities
Viewing Internet search terms
Viewing the amount of time your child spends on the computer
Viewing social networking activities
Blocking a website that your child has visited
About blocking embedded content
Disputing website categorization
Managing your child’s profile
Managing your Norton Family settings on Android
Setting up your children’s profile using Norton Family website
Add your children to Norton Family
Editing the child’s profile
Removing a child from Norton Family
Assigning a user account for your child
Turning off or turning on Norton Family supervision
About protecting personal information
Specifying and blocking personal information
Turning on or turning off Personal Information Protection
Defining the House Rules
Defining your child’s Web world
Turning on or turning off Web supervision
Supervising the Internet activities of your child
Blocking access to multiple categories of websites using Norton Family website
Blocking or allowing access to specific websites using Norton Family website
Blocking and Allowing a Website or Website Category using Android Device
About website categories
About defining search rules for your child
Turning on or turning off search supervision
Turning on or turning off Safe Search
About monitoring social networking activities
Turning on or turning off social network supervision
Viewing the social networking activities of your child
About setting up time restrictions for using the computer
About calculating the computer usage time of your children
Turning on or turning off Time supervision
Allowing your child to use a computer on weekdays
Allowing your child to use a computer on weekends
Preventing a child from using the computer for a specific time period
Setting up Norton Family notifications
Adding notification email addresses
About Norton Family client or app
Editing user accounts with Norton Family client
Viewing the remaining time to use the computer
Viewing House Rules
Updating the House Rules on your child’s computer
Help for children
Installing the latest version of Norton Family client on your child’s computer
Changing the profile picture
Unsubscribing from your Norton Family Premier service
Disabling the auto-renewal option
About activity report
Upgrading your Norton Family account
About video monitoring
About Norton Family Premier
About renewing your Premier service
Renewing your Norton Family Premier subscription
Setting up activity report notification
Order Summary
Turning on or turning off video supervision
Viewing the video activities of your child
Viewing your subscription details
About getting a refund for the Premier subscription
Viewing the auto-renewal status of your Premier subscription
Defining messaging rules
Turning on or turning off messaging supervision
Blocking or allowing message exchange with new mobile friends
Monitoring all messaging with new mobile friends
Blocking messaging with an existing mobile friend
Allowing Unmonitored messaging with a mobile friend
Monitoring messaging with a mobile friend
Turning on or turning off App supervision
Blocking or Allowing Apps
About monitoring mobile devices
About monitoring applications
Getting started
If you’re not sure how to protect your children while they’re online, help is here! We’ll get you up and running in no time, and provide everything you need to protect your family from Internet dangers and inappropriate content. We’ll even help you keep your children from passing along confidential information online.

We’re here to protect your family, so let’s get started.

Here’s what you need to do first:
  • Register for Norton Family
    To do this, you need a Norton Account, which will take about two minutes to create. If you’ve ever used any of our Norton products, it’s possible that you already have a Norton Account. If you don’t have a Norton Account, don’t worry; Norton Family will automatically set one up for you.

    Registering for Norton Family

  • Access Norton Family
    You can view and monitor real-time reports on the Internet activities of each of your children by using the Norton Family website. You can access the Norton Family website from any device. Click the following link for easy instructions.

    Accessing Norton Family

  • Make sure that each child uses a different user account to log on to the device
    Norton Family identifies the person using the device based on the account that is used to log on. If you have not created a user account for each family member, click the following link for easy instructions.

    Creating user accounts

  • Download and install Norton Family client or app on every device that your child uses
    Log on to Norton Family website using your username and password, and download Norton Family client. You can install Norton Family client or app on each device that your child uses. Norton Family does not monitor your child activities on iOS.

    Installing Norton Family client or app

  • Discuss Norton Family with your family
    Communication is the key to family safety. Therefore, you can initiate a discussion with your child explaining the importance of responsible use of the Internet.

    Having the "talk" with your child
    How to best monitor your child’s activity with Norton Family