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Here are some helpful tips, hints, and other important information to help you and your family make the most out of your Norton Family experience.

Why should my family use Norton Family?

Norton Family is an online service that links parents to their children, giving parents the comfort to set their children free online while still keeping them safe and sound.

The benefits of using Norton Family include

Simple, one-time set up
Create your Norton Family account, add and customize your family member accounts, and then easily install the Norton Family onto all the computers used in your household.

Easy to use and access
Check your child’s activity or modify your child’s profile and preferences anytime and anywhere using any computer.

Always stay informed about those you care most about
Know where your children visit, who they talk to, and what they’re doing while they’re online. Parents can also set and manage time limits, permitted sites, online chat* and social networking preferences for each family member.

Engage and communicate with each other
Take advantage of built-in notification and messaging, providing open discussion with your child about their online activities and better understanding about their intent with visiting specific sites or wanting to spend more time online.

Never miss a thing
Send alerts via email or text message to help you address urgent events. You’ll immediately know if your child has reached their time limits, visited a blocked site, or tried to add an unknown stranger as a chat buddy* wherever you are.

  • Extensive internet parenting resources
  • Transparent - encourages open discussion
  • Cyberbullying
  • Unsafe texting
  • Inappropriate content
  • Grows with your kids
  • Monitors/adjusts settings - anywhere
  • Emails alerts and activity reports
  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Mobile devices